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      70 necessary key English -sentence patters英語70個必備重點句型


      1. becoming/going/leaving/fiying/moving/dying(某些位移動詞用進行時態時表將來)
      the bus is coming/the dog is dying。
      2. be excited to do sth?對做……感到興奮
      Jacky was excited to travel there by plane。
      be excited at sth
      Lily was excited at his words。
      be excited about doing sth
      he was excited about passing the exam without going overing books。
      3. be frightened to do sth?害怕去做某事
      Sam is frightened to ride a horse。
      4. be glad/happy to do sth?高興去做某事
      She is happy to clean the blackboard with me。
      be pleased to do sth高興做某事
      She was pleased to help the old man yesterday。
      be pleased with sth 對某事感到高興/滿意
      The teacher was pleased with my answer。
      5.be interested in sth/doing sth 對某事感興趣/對做某事感興趣
      She is interested in swimming in the river。
      My btother is interested in Chinese。
      6. be/get ready for/to do sth
      be ready for 為某事做好了準備
      We are ready for the exam。
      Be ready to do sth 為做某事做好了準備
      We are ready to have a birthday party for her。
      get ready for sth為某事在做準備
      We are getting ready for the exam。
      7. be surprised to do sth?對做某事感到驚奇
      be surprised at sth 對某事感到驚奇
      This is nothing to be surprised at。
      I'd be surprised to see him on such an occasion。
      8. be worth doing sth?值得做某事(worth?后接動詞-ing形式,常考)
      It was too remote to be worth thinking about。
      9. can/be able to afford (to buy) sth?有能力負擔(購買)……
      At this rate we won't be able to afford a holiday。
      10. can/may/must do sth could/would/should/might do sth
      We may come at another time。
      11. can't wait to do sth?迫不急待地去做某事
      I can’t wait to hear the news。
      12. decide to do sth?決定去做某事
      make up one's mind to do sth 下決心去做某事(常考)
      make a decision to do sth 對做某事作出決定
      What do they decide to do?
      I have made up my mind to go with him
      13We must admit that she did deserve to win。
      14. encourage sb to do sth?鼓勵某人去做某事
      Encourage them to do some other helpful recreations。
      15. enjoy doing sth?喜歡去做某事
      I enjoy reading the story book
      16. expect (sb) to do sth?期望去做某事
      Don't expect him to help you。
      17. fail to do sth?做某事失敗
      succeed doing sth 成功做了某事
      If you don' t work, you willfail to pass the exam。
      18. finish doing sth?做完某事(后接動詞-ing形式)(常考)
      After finish doing your homework, you can have a rest。
      19. follow sb to do sth?跟隨某人去做某事
      Follow me to read the new words。
      20. get sb to do sth / make sb do sth/ let sb do st?讓某人做某事(后接動詞原形)

      Her jokes made us laugh。

      21. allow sb to do sth允許某人去做某事(后接動詞不定式)

      My father allowed me to go out for a walk after finishing my homework。
      22. asked sb (not) to do sth?叫某人做事某事(叫某人不要去做某事)
      My father asked me to study hard。
      He asked me not to swim alone。
      be asked to do sth 被叫去做某事/被邀請去做某事
      I was asked to have a dinner with them yesterday。
      23. be afraid to do sth?害怕做某事
      She is afraid to ask me questions。
      24. be afaid of doing sth?害怕做某事
      I am afraid of going out at night。
      25. be afaid of sth?害怕某物
      He is afraid of snakes。
      26. be amazed to do sth?對做某事感到驚訝
      He was amazed to meet the girl there。
      be amazed at sth 對某事感到驚訝
      they were amazed at the news。
      27. be busy doing/with sth?忙于做某事(常考)
      I was busy washing my car at that time. 那時候我正忙于清洗我的車子

      28. get/have a chance to do sth?得到一個做某事的機會

      I'm very happy to have a chance to visit your school。

      29.?開始去做某事begin to do sth begin/start to do/doing sth
      When do children begin to go to school?

      30. give/pass/show/lend/sell sb sth/sth to sb
      buy/get/bring sb sth/sth for sb
      Please give me a piece of paper。
      I bought him a drink in return for his help。
      31. go on to do sth /go on doing sth?繼續做事(常考)
      Go on doing the exercise after a short rest。
      32. hate to do/doing sth?討厭/不喜歡做某事
      Ihate to tell the news to you。
      33. have fun doing sth?做某事很有趣
      Have fun getting to know each other。
      34. have problems doing sth?做某事遇到困難
      Many people have problems getting to sleep at night。
      35. have sb do sth/have sth done?讓某人做某事

      This is the best work you have ever done。


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